Kratom, just like marijuana is often a misunderstood medical substance. While others argue that it’s dangerous some individuals say it’s addictive. Despite the endless debates, some people still use this herb for curing their different ailments.

For a long time, this plant from Southeast Asia has been used to relieve pain. Although there is no evidence, so many people claim that Kratom has helped them managed chronic pain. But which strains are best for healing this discomfort? Keep reading to find that out.

Kratom for Pain

Doctors usually prescribe some painkillers like ibuprofen to help ease the aching body parts. But if you want a break from chemical drugs, then you should try natural substances like kratom powder and capsules. Kratom leaves and extracts are rich in bioactive compounds called alkaloids. The quantity of alkaloids varies in different strains. That is why some are best for pain relief while others are effective in managing something else.

Best Strains for Pain

Maeng Da Kratom

Unless you are new to the Kratom world, you’ve probably must have heard about this strain. Maeng Da kratom is particularly useful in managing both chronic pains caused by arthritis, cancer, etc. or mild. Taking it on high dosages, it’ll work as a sedative which makes it a better painkiller. If you are using it only for your pain discomfort, you should buy Red Maeng Da, but consider White vein Maeng Da if you intend on enjoying the energizing and relaxation effect of this strain.

Indo Kratom

This strain is highly praised for its superior pain alleviation abilities. The Indo strain is high in 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine which helps in bringing relief to the paining areas. The high levels bring like a sedating effect so patients who suffer from endless pain should give Indo strain a try.

Bali Kratom

It originates from Indonesia. Just like Indo Kratom, it contains very high levels of 7-hydroxy mitragynine that causes an analgesic effect. Once you consume Bali Kratom, the analgesic effect dominates your body as encephalin and endorphins are released. Bali works by increasing the body’s natural pain tolerance.


Borneo Kratom strain is equally useful in healing paining areas. Just like Bali, it is an analgesic for chronic pain. It is very effective in managing paining bones and joint diseases. Even if you take a low dosage of 2g, you’ll still experience the relieving effect of this strain.

The Right Dosage for Pain

The effects of Kratom depend on the dosage that one takes. Even if the amount taken is the same, different strains produce different effects. For instance, take moderate to high red kratom for pain. And if you are using Kratom for pain relief, ensure that you stick to the recommended dose for each strain. Also, never mix Kratom with over the counter painkillers.

Kratom can help alleviate your pain. But if you want to start using it, we advise that you first speak to your physician. Also first time Kratom users should begin with a low dosage as they monitor how their body is reacting to this drug.

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